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    1. Sunset Terrace

      Sunset Terrace

      2013 - Completed

      The site for this corner bungalow house lies at a busy road junction with a long view axis towards the main road. The house is organised in an L-shaped plan creating a private garden at the rear corner of the site. The building mass cradles this inner sanctuary, with views from the living spaces on the ground storey centred towards the green landscaping. The combined living and dining room has the spatial experience of an open pavilion, with the elements of water on one side and greenery on the other, topped with a 3.6m high ceiling clad in solid Burmese teak timber.

      A floating feature staircase ties the 2 storeys together in a double height volume space, lined with 8m high off-form concrete walls. Borneo Ironwood timber is utilised on the second storey building façade to insulate the 2nd storey as well as break down the building mass and create an attractive aesthetic quality.

    2. Cambio Suites

      Cambio Suites

      Under Construction

      The development comprises of 53 apartments complete with basement car park and plentiful communal facilities. The 2 blocks of 5 storey apartments are arranged in an L-shape manner enclosing a 25m lap pool.

      The site planning enable an impressive vista to be created within the constrained site, affording the units with expansive views across the landscape. The massing also acts to setback the main building blocks from the existing streetscape, conserving the scale of the quiet residential enclave.

      A variety of communal areas of different spatial quality are created with an intimate communal courtyard for lazy afternoon strolls and buzzing poolside pavilion where residents can host poolside dinners and barbeque parties.

      The facade is conceived as a series of screens that layers different spatial zones. The finely detailed mesh blurs the boundaries of service areas and living space, inside and outside, home and city.

    3. One Surin

      One Surin

      Under Construction

      The development site is the former Tan Moh Hong Reptile Skin and Crocodile Farm. The historic farm was a unique anomaly in the meticulously masterplanned country where exotic farm sits side by side with residential homes. Even some of the residents living nearby did not realise the existence of this unique place. The concept of an urban getaway and tropical retreat develop was inspire by the genius loci of the site.

      Traditional elements of filtered light, amazonian waterscapes and the rich texture of natural materials are reinterpreted into a contemporary design language. Expansive waterscapes in the form of cascading pools run through the heart of the development and link up the varying levels of the site.

      The exclusive villas are crafted as individual boxes perched atop a common base. Pivoted screens are set on to the frame of the boxes to filter light and view into the interiors. The exquisite detailing of the house recalls the industrial nature of the reptile skin trade.

    4. Moonbeam Drive

      Moonbeam Drive

      2014 - Completed

      The highlight of this semi-detached house is the side elevation facing a public canal. The façade is expressed as a thick painted wall with a composition of punctuations of varying sizes and depths. These openings comprise of elements such as covered balconies, planters, bay windows, window openings and sliding glass doors.

      Internally, a 3-storey high feature wall in Italian textured paint serves to tie the 3 levels together. Cantilevered from this wall, an open riser staircase runs along the entire length of the house, letting light simmer down from the glass skylight above to the living areas on the first storey. A lap pool along the side of the house acts as a buffer between the canal and the living/dining zones.

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    1. Olive Road

      Olive Road

      2014 - Completed

      The design brief was to overhaul the image of the existing bungalow and addition of swimming pool on the uneven site.

      Majority of the works are to reorganize the internal spatial relationships to make each space more usable and the circulation flow more fluid within the large house.

      The main intervention was the insertion of a prayer room along the main road facade. This transform the entire character of the house with strong tectonics features of staggering concrete blocks, inspired by the stacking stones at Borobudur. The rest of the house is strip of its eclectic facade ornamentations to reveal a more calm and elegant composition.

      A 20m long cantilevered pool was added to the rear of the house with a majestic view across the natural reserve to the rear of the house.

    2. Surin Avenue

      Surin Avenue

      2014 - Completed

      The brief for this intermediate terrace house was to extend the front and rear of the house and bring light into the existing dark, cramped interior. An internal courtyard with glass skylight acts as the circulation space and serves to bring light into the first and basement stories. Internal walls were removed to allow light passage and create an open plan, with a new steel staircase from the basement to 1st storey.

      The existing enclosed staircase core was opened up to allow light passage and in the process create a feature wall clad in Sandalwood marble. The living room and master bedroom are extended through the use of covered balconies and a recessed planter.

    3. Jalan Chempedak

      Jalan Chempedak

      2013 - Completed

      The 2 storey terrace house was built for a young family on a shoestring budget. The understated design and attention to details allow the house to exert a quiet presence in the nondescript landed neighborhood by subverting the kitsch decoration of the typical terrace house.

      The 1st storey is planned as a sequence of living spaces that flows freely between each other while the upper floors are access via a atrium awash with natural daylight. The unusual run of the staircases in the atrium exaggerates the size of the space while creating an engaging experience moving between the floors.

      By staggering the floors and working around the building regulations, the small house is imbued with large gallery liked spaces that complement the owner's collection of artworks and furnitures.

    4. Bloxhome Drive

      Bloxhome Drive

      2012 - Completed

      This corner terrace house is designed for a professional couple from Italy who have made Singapore their home. The open plan ground storey where the living and dining areas are situated displays their meticulously arranged designer furniture and imported dry kitchen. An external timber screen acts as a visual and light filter for the bedrooms on the second storey. Concealed openings within the screen allow for maximum airflow and light when desired.

      Light enters the house through a glass skylight situated over the staircase, ensuring all parts of the house are well-lit and ventilated. The uncomplicated use of premium materials such as feature walls cladded in Roman Travertine marble and Italian Oak strip timber flooring lends a quiet, unassuming charm to the house.

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    1. we are a_collective

      a_collective is a multidisciplinary architectural practice with a strong focus on design.
      It is driven by two core beliefs -
      Architecture is a craft combining the disciplines of art and science,
      Good work is achieved through the execution of concept and composition.
      a_collective takes pride in each work and strives to create architecture that
      comprises the elements of elegance, boldness, purity and livability.

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